10x Trigger Buttons “intense”

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Rückenschmerzen sind die Volkskrankheit Nummer Eins und treffen jeden irgendwann. Wenn der Physiotherapeut den Schmerzpunkt schließlich findet und löst, ist das ein unbeschreiblich befreiendes Gefühl.

  • Can relieve tension/muscle stiffness
  • Has a lasting effect
  • Can promote blood circulation
  • Can be disinfected
  • Reusable

Back pain is the number one people's disease and affects everyone at some point. When the physiotherapist finally finds and relieves the pain point, it is an immensely liberating feeling.

The TRIGGin "intense" Trigger Button can relieve pain continuously with every movement. This is because a stimulus is applied to the painful trigger point during the entire application time.

The TRIGGin "intense" is 3 mm higher than the original and therefore ideal for stronger tensions, especially in the shoulder-neck area, which pull into the back.

It's this simple: First, feel out the pain point, i.e. the tension/hardening in the muscle. Then apply the TRIGGin "intense" Trigger Button with tape and let it work while you go about your normal activities. The constant, punctual pressure can release tension and hardening and lead to you being able to move better, more freely and longer without pain in everyday life and sports. Afterwards, the TRIGGin is very easy to clean and reuse.

Suitable not only for use on the shoulder/neck, but also on the arm/elbow and legs.

Tape not included. Recommended application time up to 12 hours.

10x Trigger Buttons “intense” (two-part), 1x info brochure

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