Every athlete has heard of it and implements it more or less consistently: regeneration.

Definition of “regeneration”

Regeneration is the recovery period after sporting or physical exertion. Without sufficient regeneration it is impossible to achieve your training goals. Only through this can the body draw new energy, develop and even increase performance. How long the ideal regeneration break lasts always depends on the previous training or competition load and must therefore be adjusted individually.

The simple rule applies: the longer the stress, the longer the regeneration must take.

Optimize the body's own regeneration

Optimal regeneration involves filling up the energy stores. The best way to do this is to drink enough fluids and eat a healthy, balanced diet . The second important component is sufficient sleep , as this allows the body to optimally supply the muscles and, if necessary, repair small tissue injuries. Other possible aids include stretching the muscles, contrast showers, ice baths, massages or compression bandages.

So always make sure that you give your body the recovery period it needs.

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