Muskuläre Dysbalancen

Muscular imbalances

A so-called muscular imbalance is an imbalance in the muscles. This results in a consistent pattern of muscle weakening and muscle tension.

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Regeneration is the recovery period after sporting or physical exertion. Without sufficient regeneration it is impossible to achieve your training ...

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Was sind Verspannungen?

What are tensions?

Tension describes a painful condition of the muscles, which is primarily caused by hardening of the muscles. These hardenings arise from an increas...

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What are trigger points?

So-called myofascial trigger points are an unpleasant matter. These are clearly identifiable, painful, pathological changes in the skeletal muscles...

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Was ist kinesiologisches Tape?

What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesio tape is an elastic, breathable and waterproof tape which is made of cotton fabric and has an acrylic-based adhesive layer on the underside....

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