The Trigger Button

Pain Relief
on the Spot

Known from

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How to use
the TRIGGin correctly


Find pain point in shoulder/neck area, arm/elbow or leg.


Slightly cut the tape in the center, round off the corners and insert the trigger button.


Place trigger button directly on pain point and tape in place.

Develop effect

For more pressure, apply additional tape, move normally and leave it to work.

The TRIGGin acts with every movement

  • Can relieve tension/muscle stiffness and promote blood circulation
  • Simply feel and find the pain point and place the TRIGGin right there
  • During the movements of everyday life, permanent mechanical stimulation is exerted on the pain point
  • Has a long-lasting effect - can remain on the skin for up to 24 hours if well tolerated

Benefits des Triggerknopfes

  • Ohne Einschränkungen der Mobilität
  • Unterstützt die Beweglichkeit
  • Desinfizierbar
  • Auch unter Kleidung tragbar
  • Medizinprodukt
  • Wirkt kontinuierlich
  • Wiederverwendbar
  • Made in Germany

Kann bis zu 24 Stunden auf der Haut bleiben

The TRIGGin brand promise

The TRIGGin Trigger Button is designed to give you the exact liberating feeling you experience when the pain point is found and worked on. Because the Trigger Button can relieve pain on the spot - and not just for a short time, but throughout the entire period of wear. You can leave it on your skin and wear it under your clothes for up to 24 hours without any problems. This is how it works while you go about your normal everyday business. The goal is to relieve tension and stiffness and allow you to move better again during sports, whilst shopping, at work and in your free time. Thus, the TRIGGin Trigger Button works all the time and everywhere and is not limited to short-term application such as a massage.

For tension and muscle stiffness

Be it the neck, shoulder or legs: It is usually a very specific spot that hurts - the so-called trigger point. This refers to a palpably hardened area in the muscles that reacts painfully to pressure. Since "myo" means muscle, it is also referred to as a myofascial trigger point. This is exactly where the treatment must start - not just for a short time, during a massage, but continuously with every movement. Particularly practical for your everyday life: The TRIGGin trigger button can be worn under clothing whilst improving circulation and relieving tension. In short: The TRIGGin works continuously and helps to release tension and stiffness through localised pressure, allowing you to move better, more freely and for longer in everyday life and during sports without pain again.