What are trigger points?

So-called myofascial trigger points are an unpleasant matter. These are clearly identifiable, painful, pathological changes in the skeletal muscles. They are also known as myogelosis. In principle, they can occur in any muscle of the body, but the most common locations are in the neck, between the shoulder blades or on the outside of the elbow. These trigger points are often the trigger for further tension in the muscles and lead to pain and restricted movement.
Although they are not dangerous, they can have a serious impact on the quality of life.

How do trigger points arise?

Overloading creates zones in a muscle that, to put it simply, “contract” and can no longer separate from each other on their own. Such overload comes, for example, from poor posture in everyday life, one-sided stress at work, psychological stress or from overload in sports. This leads to the muscle's function being impaired. The affected areas receive less blood flow and are no longer adequately supplied with oxygen. These muscle areas can then be felt as hard and painful trigger points.

How is a trigger point treated?

During manual trigger point treatment, the muscles, fascia and connective tissue are treated using targeted treatment techniques. Here, pressure and tension are applied to the trigger point in order to influence the changed muscle areas so that normal blood circulation in the trigger points is possible again and thus normal function of the muscle is restored and the pain disappears. The more precisely the trigger points are treated, the better the treatment result.

How can TRIGGin help?

The TRIGGin is applied to the active trigger point and exerts axial pressure on the tension point. This leads to an improvement in blood circulation and metabolism in the underlying tissue, which leads to a release of tension and a reduction in pain and improvement in mobility.

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Der TRIGGin ist der Hammer. Ich finde auch man kann gleich mehr als einen gebrauchen. Ich habe immer starke Verspannungen im Schulter Bereich und Schmerzen im Handgelenk. Mit dem TRIGGin sind sie viel besser.
Vielen Dank für diese Erfindung 😀

Steffi October 05, 2023

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